The Spiritual Explorers' Mystery School

This is a page for scenarios that might be used by the NYC group Naked Performance Art on Video.

Moving in Innocence

Outline for a video session.

Participants move around the space. As they walk, they touch their own bodies as they want others to touch them. A person is free to touch another person in the way that person has been touching himself or herself. A person fingers the edgeof an item of clothing to invite another person to remove that clothing.

The following words are read and repeated by the participants as they move around the space:

A person may ends his participation by taking a seat on the edge of the performance area. When all are seated: one person at a time approaches the camera and speaks about his experience in this scenario.

Dealer's Choice

Outline for a video session.

A group of people gather to play poker. In the language of conventional poker, "dealer's choice" means that the dealer gets to choose what type of poker is played , what cards are wild, etc. In this scenario, the dealer chooses what the winner gets to do and what the person with the lowest hand, that is the loser, must do or have done to him or her. The activity should take no more than about a minute of time. Everyone must agree to the dealer's choice, or the dealer must make another choice. This is done before the hand is dealt and evaluated according to the rules of poker. This means that the dealer might become the loser, and do or have done to him what he or she has chosen for the loser.

Here are some possible examples of choices a dealer might make:

See "Performer's Choice" below for more examples other activities that a dealer might choose.

One or more players, who are not the winner or loser, operates video cameras while the actions of winner and loser are performed.

Performer's Choice

Outline for a video session.

This is similar to "Dealer's Choice," but doesn't involve playing poker. Each participant prepares a number of 3x5 index cards. On each card is something they want another player to do to or with them. Here are a number of examples inspired by a video called "Performance Artist for Sale " (Visit to see this performance):

When you create your cards, you might write down items that require some materials, but then it's your responsibility to provide the materials for that activity. Here's some examples of such an activity:

Players stand in a semicircle with a video camera-person at each end. The camera-person also has a pack of cards. Starting at one end of the semicircle, one performer chooses another performer, goes up to him and picks up the first card. He may then choose to do the action on the card or not. If he doesn't choose to do the action, he puts the card back and goes to another performer. He may read the cards of up to three performers, but if he doesn't choose to do any of the three actions he has read he must go back to his cards and wait for his next turn.

Moving in Infinite Love

Outline for a video session.

  1. Use masking tape to outline a space about five feet in diameter on the floor. Inside this space is "The Infinite Ocean." Outside this space is "The Land of Streams."
  2. Divide the group into movers and observers. The observers watch the movers and, if they have video cameras, use them to record the movements, keeping the cameras as still as possible.
  3. The movers are standing in The Land of Streams. They have bare feet. They say to themselves "I move in infinite love," "I move in infinite peace," "I move in infinite mind."
  4. They let their bodies move in any way they feel their bodies want to move. A narrator says to them, "See your body as a stream of water. Let it move as water moves. Let it flow around rocks and boulders. It is without friction. It holds on to nothing. If is free."
  5. The narrator continues, "If you feel that your bodies want to have less clothing, then remove clothing."
  6. After about twenty minutes the observers become the movers and the movers become the observes.
  7. Steps three through five are repeated for about twenty more minutes
  8. The observers and movers again change places.
  9. The narrator continues, "Now you may move into The Infinite Ocean. Here you will encounter other streams. Be with them gently. Enfold them while never for a moment holding on. You are water, without friction. If you see someone who is still wearing clothing, go up to him and ask permission to remove his clothing. The person asked is free to say 'yes' or 'no'. If you choose, you may step outside the ocean and return to The Land of Streams, always able to return to the Infinite Ocean." This action continues for about thirty minutes.
  10. The observers and movers again change places. Step nine is repeated.
  11. The movers come to stillness. The observers join them. The in Land of Streams have no contact with those around them. Those in The Infinite Ocean have some physical contact with another person. The narrator asks, "What have you been feeling? What does it mean to you to move in Infinite Love? How did you feel moving while clothed.? How did you feel moving naked?" The participants remarks are recorded.

The King Needs More Clothes

Outline for a video session.

Dramatis Personae

The king

His courtiers


The king walks among his courtiers, who bow to him. When the first courtier bows, the king lifts one foot, offering his shoe to the courtier. The courtier removes the king's shoe and "puts it on," but not in the way the shoe was originally worn.

A note on putting on clothes: whenever clothing is put on, it is not in the way that clothing is usually worn. For example: a shoe might be worn on a hand; or, after being partly unlaced, it might be worn as a hat, tying the laces under the chin; a pair of trousers might become a turban; underpants might become a wristband.

The second courtier receives the king's other shoe. After the next courtier bows to the king, that courtier removes an item of the king's clothing and "puts it on"- that is by wearing it in a way it was not intended to be worn.

A note on socks and underpants: Each performer should bring to the video session a clean pair of socks and underpants, ideally of the same color as the ones he is wearing. After one of these items is removed, the clean pair is substituted for the worn pair off camera.

This is continued as the king approaches each courtier, approaching each several times, depending on the number of courtiers and the number of pieces of clothing he is wearing. When the last piece of clothing is removed and the king is naked, the courtiers cry out, "The king needs more clothes." Then all the courtiers rush up to the king and put the clothing they received from him back on him, but not in the way the clothing was originally worn.

As soon as this is done, one courtier walks up to another and says, "The king needs more clothes." At this point the courtier receiving the message may do one of two things:

This is repeated until all the courtiers are naked. When a courtier is naked, he prostrates himself in front of the king, that is he kneels on both knees with his head bent toward the floor.

When all are naked and prostrate in front of the king, who now has the weight of everyone's clothes on him, the action is finished.